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veerendra pulapa

from Ashnik

I am an experienced Database Administrator and PostgreSQL Consultant with experience in multiple domains of the IT industry. I have been able to help customers across geographies with Database Administration, Enterprise Implementations, Security and Hardening, Backup and Recovery, and Performance Tuning.

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In postgresql setup transactions, users will leverage indexes as an effort to improve their database performance. However the indexes in the table which is frequently use might have some problem regarding its data retrieval performance which is appear because of facing several issue like mention below: Too Many Connections during performance testing Unused indexes and duplicate indexes Table and index bloat Large tables split into partition tables. PostgreSQL Parameter tuning In this talk, I’ll explain some of the challenges we've dealt with while scaling on PostgreSQL and the solutions we've put in place. We're excited to share our lessons learned in this area because we had to figure out much of this the hard way, and we hope that sharing our experience will make things easier for others who are scaling PostgreSQL. This is a story from a production deployment at a Client site who has recently started using Postgres. We will share in detail how we went about the engagement: How we mapped the process/top stats from OS with pg_stat_activity How to get and read explain plan How to judge if a query is costly What tools helped us Various parameters to tune autovacuum and auto-analyze process What we have done to work-around the problem What we have put in place for better monitoring and information gathering

2023 February 24 - 14:00
45 min
Robusta + Arabica
PGConf India, 2023
Database Administration

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