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PGConf India, 2020 has the most awesome program ever!



PostgreSQL Tutorial For Oracle And Mysql Dbas And Beginners by Avinash Vallarapu from Percona

Introduction to PL/pgSQL Development by Jim Mlodgenski from Amazon Web Services

PostgreSQL Performance Optimization - A DBA's View by Hari Kiran from 2ndQuadrant

The Kubernetes Spell for PostgreSQL on the Cloud by Krishnaswamy Subramanian & Nithya Natarajan from ThoughtWorks

PostGIS - A DBA and Developer view by Mansur Shaikh from EnterpriseDB

PostGreS Hyper Scale (Citus) by Lakshmikant Gundavarapu (L.K) from Microsoft

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Database Engine Developers

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Database Administration

Where to stay in Bengaluru

We recommend the following accommodations for your visit.

Radisson Blu Bengaluru Outer Ring Road

If you are looking for preferred rates, please contact the conference organisers.