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PGConf India, 2020 has the most awesome program ever! Click on the "Full Schedule" button for details


The future of Postgres in a multi-cloud world by Marc Linster from EnterpriseDB

Open Source, Data and Postgres – An Enterprise Viewpoint by Gautam Khanna from Infosys

Distributed PostgreSQL is a game changer by Parikshit Savjani from Microsoft


PostgreSQL Tutorial For Oracle And Mysql Dbas And Beginners by Jobin Augustine, Avinash Vallarapu from Percona

Introduction to PL/pgSQL Development by Jim Mlodgenski from Amazon Web Services

PostgreSQL Performance Optimization - A DBA's View by Hari Kiran from OpenSource DB

The Kubernetes Spell for PostgreSQL on the Cloud by Nithya Natarajan, Krishnaswamy Subramanian from ThoughtWorks

PostGIS - A DBA and Developer view by Mansur Shaikh from EnterpriseDB

Architecting operational real-time analytics apps with PostgreSQL & Hyperscale (Citus) by Parikshit Savjani from Microsoft

Application Developer

Practical JSON by Ivan Panchenko from Postgres Professional

Deeper Understanding of PostgreSQL Execution Plan : At plan time and run time by Jobin Augustine from Percona

Full Text Search in PG12 by Oleg Bartunov from Moscow University, Postgres Professional

Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL by Jim Mlodgenski from Amazon Web Services

Why physical storage of your database tables might matter by Apoorva Aggarwal from Grofers India Pvt Ltd

Database Engine Developers

Fault injection facility for PostgreSQL developers by Asim Rama Praveen from IIT Bombay

Journey of the Query from SELECT to Result set. by Vaibhav Dalvi from EnterpriseDB

Towards full ACID distributed transaction support with Foreign Data Wrapper by Nikhil Sontakke from Timescale

Case Study

Migration - The Expedition by Venkat Susarla from Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Taming 100+ PostgreSQL instances on the Cloud by Nithya Natarajan, Krishnaswamy Subramanian from ThoughtWorks

Real time data streaming in PostgreSQL by Kaushik Iyer from Endurance International Group, APAC

PostgreSQL: Pushing the limits on a single machine by Ashu Pachauri from Clarisights

Database Administration

Understanding Backup by Amit Sharma from EnterpriseDB

25 Interesting Features of PostgreSQL 12 by Jobin Augustine, Avinash Vallarapu from Percona

B-tree indexes - learn more about the heart of PostgreSQL by Anastasia Lubennikova from Postgres Professional

The Truth about Partitions by Beena Emerson from EnterpriseDB

Sharding in PostgreSQL by Sachin Kotwal from AWS Proserve India LLP

Locks in Postgres by Abhijit Menon-Sen from 2ndQuadrant

Recent advances in addressing key challenges around MVCC by Pavan Deolasee from EDB

Looking beyond B-Tree Index for performance optimizations by Tarun Garg from Engineering Lead @ SquadVoice

How to boost and scale Postgres - from sharding to in-memory data grids by Denis Mekhanikov from GridGain

Schema Change and Schemaless by Simon Riggs from EDB

Avoiding, Detecting, and Recovering From Data Corruption by Robert Haas from EnterpriseDB

Where to stay in Bengaluru

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Radisson Blu Bengaluru Outer Ring Road

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