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Sponsor Keynote

AI everywhere with Google Cloud Databases by Subhash Guddad from Google

All the Postgres Things at Microsoft by Charles Feddersen from Microsoft

Diamond Sponsor Keynote by AWS by PGConf Organizers from PGConf India

Platinum Sponsor Keynote by Tessell by PGConf Organizers from PGConf India

Platinum Sponsor Keynote by EnterpriseDB by PGConf Organizers from PGConf India


Through the eyes of a long time Indian Community Contributor by Pavan Deolasee from EDB

Through the eyes of a long time International Community Contributor by Bruce Momjian from EnterpriseDB


Maintaining your PostgreSQL DB healthy and resilient by HariKrishna from AWS

Building AI Applications with Azure OpenAI and PostgreSQL by Alicja Kucharczyk, Aditya D from Microsoft

Mastering PostgreSQL parameter tuning: A practical approach by Luigi Nardi from DBtune

PostgreSQL Upgrades by Bhargav kamineni, Sagar Jadhav from Percona

Postgres for All Your Data by Bruce Momjian from EnterpriseDB

Distributed SQL on containers: YugabyteDB hands-on lab by Franck Pachot from Yugabyte

PostgreSQL Extensions by Dinesh Kumar Chemuduru, RK Rakesh from Tessell

Unraveling GEN AI and PG Vector in PostgreSQL by Abhijeet Rajurkar from Google

Application Developer

Transforming PostgreSQL to API: A Simplified Journey with Data API Builder by Varun Dhawan from Microsoft

Real Time Data processing using Go and PostgreSQL by Darshan Balar from Indiamart

Unlocking the Power of Vector Similarity Search with pgvector by Sachin Khanna from AWS

Finding PostgreSQL’s fit in the AI space by Floor Drees from Aiven

Writing fast trusted stored functions in PL/Rust by Jim Mlodgenski from Amazon Web Services

An Introduction to PostGIS, H3 and its Integration with Greenplum by Rakesh Sharma from vmware inc.

Postgres for analytics by Ashutosh Bapat from EnterpriseDB

PostgreSQL 16: What's New? A comprehensive overview of the Latest Features by Shruthi K C from EnterpriseDB

PostgreSQL parameter performance optimization: From manual tuning to autotuning by Luigi Nardi from DBtune

Database Engine Developers

A PostgreSQL fork for horizontal scalability: YugabyteDB by Franck Pachot from Yugabyte

MVCC Unmasked by Bruce Momjian from EnterpriseDB

YDB — Adding PostgreSQL compatibility to a Distributed SQL database by Timofey Kulin from YDB

Roasted Toasted Json by Nikita Malakhov from Postgres Professional

Incremental Backup for PG17 by Robert Haas from EnterpriseDB

Vector Embeddings and Vector search in PG by VaibhavJain, Pushkar Khadilkar from Google

Case Study

Use Connection Pooling to Enable Postgres Proxy and to Improve Database Performance by Ujjwal Gupta from SquadStack

Moving MongoDB Workloads to PostgreSQL by Peter Farkas from FerretDB

Harnessing the power of Postgres for GIS by Avinash Shashikant Dalvi from Eagleview

Incremental Materialized Views 101 by Tushar Amrit from Bloomberg

Making PostgreSQL accessible to your non-technical colleagues by Pavish Kumar R from Mathesar

PostgreSQL I/O Patterns by RK Rakesh from Sr. Solutions Architect at Tessell Inc.

Using PostgreSQL and PostGIS for climate resilent agriculture by Sameer Mannava from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Unlocking financial DevOps: Navigating the FinOps landscape for cloud cost optimization in PostgreSQL by Tom Howcroft from DBtune

Database Administration

Most Common Mistakes and the Cost of Mistakes One Should Be Aware by Jobin Augustine from Percona

pg_upgrade like a boss! by Alexander Kukushkin from Microsoft

Postgres load balancing is secretly broken: The cancellation problem by Jelte Fennema-Nio from Microsoft

Why Your Security Best Practices Don’t Work by Nishchay Kothari from Fujitsu

PostgreSQL Unboxed: Leveraging Containerization for Scalable Database Deployments by Shalaka Dengale, Ramya Bhat from AWS

Postgres Monitoring: A Practical Peek Under the Hood by Rohan Kumar from

PostgreSQL DBA's Troubleshooting Toolkit: Unraveling Complex Issues with Expertise. by Lalit Choudhary from Percona

How to Unleash the Power of PostgreSQL in the Cloud by Justin George from Instaclustr by NetApp

Seamlessly monitor and troubleshoot your database performance problems with Query Insights for PostgreSQL by Sibu Behera from Google

Various Isolation Levels in Relational Database Management Systems by Ben Darnell from Cockroach Labs