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Sponsor Keynote

Google Cloud : The best home for your PostgreSQL workloads by Subhash Guddad from Google

Instant and fine-grained scaling with Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 by Vamsi Gelli, HariKrishna from AWS


Future Postgres Challenges by Bruce Momjian from EnterpriseDB

The joy and profitability of self-hosting FOSS by Dr Kailash Nadh from Zerodha


Simplifying the complexity of Database Partitioning by Hari Kiran from OpenSource DB

Building strategies for migrating different database systems to PostgreSQL by Sai Parthasaradhi from AWS

Data science with Postgres - introductory training by Jônatas Davi Paganini from Timescale

Mastering PostgreSQL Administration by Bruce Momjian from EnterpriseDB

Cloud agnostic BCP/high available compliance Of PostgreSQL by Dinesh Kumar Chemuduru from Tessell

Distributed SQL: Why and How? (with PostgreSQL-compatible YugabyteDB) by Franck Pachot from Yugabyte

Real time Analytics with PostgreSQL by Abhijeet Rajurkar from Google

Application Developer

pg_hint_plan - get the right plan without surprises by Franck Pachot from Yugabyte

Bug hunting in the postgres ecosystem by Robins Tharakan from Amazon Web Services

Redis vs PostgreSQL: Making the Right Choice by Christopher Travers from Timescale

Performance use cases and best practices - PL/pgSQL code conversion by Yugundhar Kalikapuram from AWS

MERGE: Built to Remove Barriers by Shruthi K C from EnterpriseDB

Writing Your Server-Side Functions in any language by Hannu Krosing from Google

Understanding and Fixing Autovacuum by Robert Haas from EnterpriseDB

Database Engine Developers

Journey of the DML queries by Vaibhav Dalvi from EnterpriseDB

Internals of logical replication by Vigneshwaran C from Fujitsu

Rare but extremely challenging Postgres Performance Problems. How to diagnose and overcome by Dilip Kumar from EnterpriseDB

Identity Crisis: through the lens of a developer by Srinivasa Vasu from Yugabyte

Case Study

Full Text Search: Capabilities of PostgreSQL and a Comparison with Elasticsearch Using Wikipedia Dataset by Vaijayanti Bharadwaj from EnterpriseDB

Running Production workloads on Postgres Operators in Kubernetes by Rejo Oommen from Lowe's

Deep dive of usage of Postgres in Zerodha and our learnings by Satyajit Sarangi from Developer at Zerodha

How we are managing $675B+ assets for world’s most sophisticated asset managers and why we are moving from managed PostgreSQL to self-hosted community PostgreSQL by Srinivasarao Oguri from Arcesium

Reducing PostgreSQL Costs in the Cloud by Jobin Augustine from Percona

Nitro Boost your PostgreSQL Workloads by Maneesh Rawat from Tessell

AlloyDB - Cloud Native Postgres by Paresh Rathod, Sriram Melkote from Google

Database Administration

Your own database security Inspector with alerting mechanism by Rajesh Madiwale from Amazon Web Services

Introduction to 'WITH' Queries and their Materialization by Divya Sharma from Amazon Web Services

Highly effective Troubleshooting of performance and stability problems in a PostgreSQL server by Jobin Augustine from Percona

How unused indexes, fragmentation and idle connections slow down DB performance by veerendra pulapa from Ashnik

How to identify and tune PostgreSQL performance issues using wait events by Sameer Kumar, Roneel Kumar from Amazon Web Services

Migrate logical replication during physical cluster switchover by Anubhav Jain, Tushar Takate from

Rollback: Major Version Upgrade, Minimum Downtime, Multi Terabyte DB by Nikhil Shetty, Siva Mekala from Apple