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What Is The Future of PostgreSQL? by Robert Haas from EnterpriseDB

PostgreSQL: The Hyperconverged DBMS by Simon Riggs from EDB

PostgreSQL: Your migration destination by Jim Mlodgenski from Amazon Web Services

Update on Microsoft’s learning and progress on supporting PostgreSQL as a fully managed service on Azure by Lakshmikant Gundavarapu (L.K) from Microsoft


Postgres-BDR: Multi Master Replication by Nikhil Sontakke from Timescale

Reduced downtime migration to RDS & Aurora PostgreSQL by Jignesh Shah from AWS

Postgres Performance Tuning and Optimization by Nidhi Bhammar from EnterpriseDB

Streaming and Logical Replication in Postgres 10 by Mohamed Tanveer from Zeta India

Build an intelligent and secure app with Azure managed services for PostgreSQL by Ranga GK from Microsoft

PGPOOL & PGBOUNCER : Failover Management & Connection Pooling by Vijay Bhat from Taashee

Application Developer

Robust Replication strategies in PostgreSQL: Repmgr by Pallavi Sontakke from 2ndQuadrant

Complex Database Queries with PostgreSQL by Dr.B.Hemalatha from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

Migrating from Oracle to Enterprise-Ready Postgres in the Cloud by Prashant Agarwal from EnterpriseDB

Building Micro services architecture for Azure database for PostgreSQL. by Ranga GK from Microsoft

Database Engine Developer

PostgreSQL Extensions: What exists and how to create a new one? by Pavan Deolasee from EDB

The PostgreSQL Query Planner by Robert Haas from EnterpriseDB

PostgreSQL : Decoding Partition by Beena Emerson from EnterpriseDB

The state of the art in logical replication: PGLogical and BDR by Nikhil Sontakke from Timescale

Divide and Conquer data:- Advanced Methods for partitioning and sharding data - Latest developments by Jobin Augustine from Percona

Detailed Understanding of MVCC and Autovacuum Internals in PostgreSQL by Avinash Vallarapu from Percona

Parallel Query in PostgreSQL: How not to (mis)use it? by Dilip Kumar from EnterpriseDB

zHeap: a new storage format by Kuntal Ghosh from Amazon Web Services

Understanding TOAST by Alex Scotti from AWS

Case Study

Database Operations at Groupon using Ansible by Mani Subramanian from Groupon

Database Administration

Understanding High Availability options for PostgreSQL by Madan Kumar K from ScaleGrid

Deep Dive into the RDS PostgreSQL Universe by Jignesh Shah from AWS

Massively Parallel Postgres Database on Kubernetes by Goutam Tadi from Pivotal

Postgresql HA on Cloud using Kubernetes by Priya Ranjan from Rebataur

Knowing your data cluster and startup processes by Amul Sul from EnterpriseDB

EXPLAIN: Understand the query plan by Jeevan Chalke from EnterpriseDB

Restore your backups! by Abhijit Menon-Sen from 2ndQuadrant

High availability and automatic failover in PostgreSQL on Kubernetes, On-premise and cloud using open source solutions. by Avinash Vallarapu from Percona

Various attacks and its possible solutions to secure data in PostgreSQL Database management system by Premnath J from CSG Systems

Partitioning & Time Series by Simon Riggs from EDB