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Venkat Susarla

from Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Technical Architect associated with Societe Generale almost for 8 years and with overall 12+ years of experience in Database management, Architecting different solutions on database and applications requirement.

Gaining experience and moving towards the trending open source, currently pursuing the enthusiasm in opensource solutions such as PostgreSQL,MongoDB,Cassandra, also with experience on Hadoop,AWS .

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PostgreSQL is our go-to relational database for all new applications and also target for migrations. As we are also involved in migration processes, we have chosen to share our processes, the joys (and tears) of our experiences, what worked well and not so well. To make our lives easier we’ve decided to work and contribute on tooling associated with migrations, most notably ora2pg and our own code2pg.

             We would be discussing on 4 key phases of migrations

Finalization of migration/Due diligence:Analyzing the app Architecture , Appropriate server resources ,Does really DB size matters, up to what extent, Specific features used.

Journey : Challenges with hierarchical queries, Handling explicit commit/rollback ,how to handle DBMS packages, Handling Global variables, Handling Autonomous transaction, String_aggregate with condition, How is LOB to be handled, Where does data types impact the applications, and what should application team know. Dynamic partitions (constraints,creating partition),Oracle_fdw,NON-ANSI JOIN to ANSI JOIN and so on.

Post migration:Challenges of Post migration checks 1) Data quality check,2)Testing.

Strategy for go-live: Planning ,Rollback,Parallel run etc.

2020 February 27 - 14:15
40 min
Grand Victoria 2
PGConf India, 2020
Case Study

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