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It is very important to know what you have at first place when you initialize a database cluster using initdb so that you can make necessary configuration before starting up the server. However, after server start you must know which are the auxiliary processes are forked by the Postgres and their use.

In this talk, which is divided into two parts, first, we will discuss the directory structure created i.e. $PGDATA. All the data and files needed for a database server resides into the data directory. Also, we will have a quick glance over the overall directory structure and various configuration and control files. In the second part, we will have a look over all startup processes which are forked at database server starts including walwritter, autovacuum launcher, stats collector etc. We will also discuss the role and importance of these processes.

2019 February 14 - 14:45
45 min
Ballroom 3
PGConf India, 2019
Database Administration

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