I have been with Amazon Web Services for the past 6 years and currently work as a Database Engineer with the RDS Postgres team. Before this, I was a Postgres DBA managing a multi-terabyte database and prior to that, a web developer mostly working on the PHP / ASP platform.

I have been using Postgres since 8.3 days when I first reviewed Postgres & MySQL as a replacement for an ageing MsAccess database. Prior to that, I’ve been a linux user since mid ‘98 dabbling with open-source projects along the way.

My current work involves working with the RDS Postgres team to launch new features, such as FDWs (recently mysql_fdw/tds_fdw), extensions (recently pg_bigm), generic features and (pertinent here) bug-finding in Postgres core and some popular Postgres extensions. Over the last few years, working with RDS customers has also led me to submit patches upstream to assist Postgres users in general.

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