Presented by:


Nikita Malakhov

from Postgres Professional

Senior developer in the RnD department of Postgres Professional company

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PostgreSQL is the first relational database recognized the need of non-atomic data types in application development from science to Web. Jsonb in Postgres is the attractive feature for modern application wanted by developers as Json documents with a strong consistency and all the benefits of proven relational technology. At last SQL world has recognized the NoSQL and in 2016 released the new standard specifying the SQL/JSON data model and path language, as well as SQL commands for storing, publishing and querying JSON data. However, growing popularity of Jsonb unmasked all the hitherto hidden problems in TOAST and the way how postgres works with long values, leading to annoying performance degradation of queries with Jsonb. We will discuss and demonstrate how to overcome the problem and to make the Json TOASTs crispy and tasty! We hope to push some of the improvements to PG17 and make use of Jsonb easier and more attractive.

2024 February 29 - 14:45
40 min
Grand Victoria B
PGConf India, 2024
Database Engine Developers

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