Presented by:


Peter Farkas

from FerretDB

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MongoDB, a widely used database, has garnered both love and hate from its users across different industries due to its ease of use. However, it is no longer open source, faces licensing issues, and requires additional resources and knowledge to run. Is there a viable alternative? Can we move existing MongoDB workloads to Postgres without any application-level changes? How can we ensure MongoDB users can continue to use their tools and frameworks? In this talk, we will discuss the current state of document databases and why there is a need for a new open source standard. We propose that Postgres should serve as the database backend for this standard. We will also demonstrate how to equip your Postgres database with FerretDB, enabling it to handle MongoDB workloads. Finally, we will showcase some MongoDB tools that can be used to manage the database just like if it were MongoDB. This use case connects Postgres with a different community and workloads, thereby contributing to its success.

2024 March 1 - 14:00
40 min
Grand Victoria A
PGConf India, 2024
Case Study

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