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Varun Dhawan

from Microsoft

Varun Dhawan is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, with a wealth of experience in the realm of relational databases, particularly focusing on Azure PostgreSQL. With over 20 years of expertise in enterprise database systems, including PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, Varun brings a comprehensive understanding of diverse database technologies to his role.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Varun held pivotal positions at Target Corp. as a DevOps engineer and at McKinsey as an Database SRE, honing his skills in Data Platforms, Observability, Database-as-a-Service, and Cloud platform. Alongside his professional commitments, Varun passionately shares his knowledge through his insightful blog. You can explore his writing on his personal blog and team blog

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Dive into a realm of innovation where PostgreSQL meets modern API technologies, orchestrated by the versatile Microsoft’s open-source project Data API Builder (DAB). Tailored for PostgreSQL Application Developers, this session is set to unravel the seamless process of morphing PostgreSQL tables into dynamic REST/GraphQL APIs, sans the complexity of extensive programming or cumbersome configurations.


Witness the marvel of DAB through real-world scenarios that underline its efficacy in hastening the backend development for a spectrum of applications, and ensuring a smooth sail in data integration ventures. The discourse will venture into performance optimization, elucidating pragmatic strategies for managing escalating workloads through scalable infrastructure, horizontal scaling, and load balancing, all pivotal for robust application development.

A step-by-step tutorial will navigate attendees through the setup landscape of these open-source tools, spotlighting the streamlined experience delivered by solutions like DAB. Attendees will be nudged towards embracing these tools in their application development projects, thus enriching their development workflows and unlocking superior application integration capabilities.

Join us in this enlightening voyage aimed at simplifying the transformation of PostgreSQL tables into REST/GraphQL APIs, empowering PostgreSQL Application Developers to seamlessly meld their databases with modern application frameworks. Through this session, immerse in a reservoir of knowledge that will not only refine your database-to-API integration endeavors but also propel your applications towards a horizon of enhanced functionality and interoperability.

2024 March 1 - 14:00
40 min
Robusta + Arabica
PGConf India, 2024
Application Developer

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