Presented by:


Ujjwal Gupta

from SquadStack

I've been working at SquadStack for more than three years, and as of right now, I hold the position of Senior Product Engineer. Being the team's Platform Engineer is my primary responsibility in this situation. As a platform engineer, my responsibilities are to make sure to provide a rich experience to the team and make sure their productivity won’t be hampered by any reason, some of the domains where I worked as a part of platform engineer:

  • Infra Migration from one AWS region to another
  • Platform Cost Optimization
  • Handle security and get relevant VAPT Certifications
  • Setting up Observability for Developers
  • Setting up Data Warehousing

Prior to becoming a platform engineer, I was a member of a product team, where we had to develop features in accordance with the needs of the product. I, therefore, had the opportunity to work on Postgres, Redis, and Django.

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Use Connection Pooling to Enable Postgres Proxy and to Improve Database Performance


  1. How we can use connection pooling to enable Postgres proxy?
  2. How we can use connection pooling to improve database performance?


We currently have a cross-region read-replica in place to handle disaster recovery and high availability. So, to connect Postgres clients securely with cross-region read-replica we need to whitelist all client IPs which is obviously not possible as IP change is very frequent. To overcome this, we planned to add a Postgres proxy in between to securely and efficiently connect clients with cross-region replicas.

So, in this talk, we’ll discuss how we managed to set up Postgres proxy using connection pooling to securely connect cross-region clients and also how it helps us to improve our database performance.

Topics that we gonna discuss:

  1. What are connection pooling and Postgres proxy?
  2. How connection pooling can improve database performance?
  3. How we can enable Postgres proxy using connection pooling?
  4. Different extensions that we can use to enable connection pooling, Pros and Cons.
  5. Case study.
  6. Performance Benchmarking.

2024 March 1 - 10:50
40 min
Grand Victoria B
PGConf India, 2024
Case Study

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