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Jobin Augustine

from Percona

Jobin Augustine is a PostgreSQL expert and Open Source advocate and has more than 21 years of working experience as a consultant, Architect, administrator, writer, and trainer in PostgreSQL, Oracle and other database technologies. He has always been an active participant in the Open Source communities, and his main focus area is database performance and optimization. He is a contributor to various Open Source Projects, an active blogger and loves coding in C++ and Python. Jobin holds a Masters in Computer Applications and joined Percona in 2018. Previously, he worked at OpenSCG for two years as Architect and was part of the BigSQL core team. Jobin worked at Dell as Database Senior Advisor for ten years and five years with TCS/CMC.

Speaker at many conferences
PGConf India, Almost every year till 2020
postgresconf 2019
PerconaLive 2019
pgconf.Eu 2019

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In the face of economic uncertainty and a possible recession, many companies are trimming expenses, freezing hiring, and, in some cases, laying off staff.

But what if you could cut costs without negatively impacting resources or headcount? Better yet, what if you could free up enough budget to keep your existing staff and hire the quality candidates your team needs?

In this talk, Jobin Augustine, Percona's PostgreSQL Escalation Specialist, will walk you through tried-and-tested PostgreSQL cost-cutting strategies, all designed to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

2023 February 23 - 12:15
45 min
Robusta + Arabica
PGConf India, 2023
Case Study

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