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Hari Kiran

from OpenSource DB

Hari Kiran is a seasoned Database Engineer with nearly 17 years of experience in multiple domains of the IT Industry in Healthcare, Banking, Project & Portfolio Management, and CRM domains. Passionate about PostgreSQL helping Customers across geographies with Database Administration, Enterprise Implementations, Security and Hardening, Backup and Recovery, and Performance Tuning. Hari has worked at companies like GE, EDB, Oracle, Optum, and 2ndQuadrant. Hari has been a regular speaker at Postgres conferences like PGconf India, and PGConf Down under in Australia regions.

In 2021, Hari started his Entrepreneurial journey by founding OpenSource DB, a Services Start-up working with Customers & Organizations to maximize their potential in the Data-centric world focussed on PostgreSQL, Data Analytics & Data Science, and providing PostgreSQL Professional Services & Database Development.

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The recipe for a Flawless implementation of Database Partitioning starting from Data/Table/Schema Discovery to Partitioning the tables with 0 service disruption/downtime.

The Training will focus on: - Benefits of partitioning - What's available for DBAs in latest PG major versions in Partitioning - How-to/When-to use partitioning - Pros/Cons of partitioning - Key differences with DB Sharding - a set of DBA routines to help achieve partitioning goals in their DB shops

The key take-away from training would be to know the intricacies and functionality of using table partitions to speed up queries and make tables more manageable. With huge data growth across the databases, it is in general a known technique for DBAs. It'll also clear the way how low-level partition management is done.

2023 February 22 - 14:00
3 h 30 min
Robusta + Arabica
PGConf India, 2023

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