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Nikhil Sontakke

from Timescale

Nikhil is a Core PostgreSQL Database Tech Lead at Timescale. He has been a PostgreSQL community member for over 10+ years now. He’s submitted patches for features and bug fixes in various PostgreSQL releases.

At Timescale, he is focusing on the distributed multi-node Timescale offering and is helping to deliver multinode operational capabilities for TimescaleDB optimized for Timescale Cloud.

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PostgreSQL has Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) functionality and it is a powerful feature to access distributed data from across heterogenous data stores. FDW became writable in PostgreSQL 9.3 and therefore PostgreSQL with FDW has potential to act as a distributed database supporting both distributed reads and writes.

However, one of the biggest missing pieces is transaction management for distributed transactions. Currently, atomicity and consistency of ACID properties are missing which are essential to achieve full ACID supported distributed transactions functionality. A few proposals have been proposed but they are still undergoing discussions.

This presentation talks about the current status of FDW and the problems regarding atomicity and isolation. The talk then moves on to introduce a few proposed solutions.

2020 February 28 - 15:00
40 min
Grand Victoria 2
PGConf India, 2020
Database Engine Developers

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    2020 February 28 15:00

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