Presented by:


Vaibhav Dalvi

from EnterpriseDB

I am PostgreSQL database engine developer at EnterpriseDB since 2018. Works on several database internals projects of Postgres as well as EPAS(EnterpriseDB Postgres Advanced Server). Also, works on few open source extensions i.e. oci_dblink, mongo_fdw, mysql_fdw and hdfs_fdw.

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Many of the users and ‘wanting to be postgres developers’ wonder what really happens when a SQL is issued over PSQL prompt and till the result is shown on prompt(specially SELECT queries). During this presentation I will like to take the audience through the different phases of query when one types “SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE b = 20”. The presentation will first list out the phases and later go through each of the phase with abstract explanation for each of the phase and the output it supposed to produce. In my presentation I will try to keep it at an abstract level to extend the understanding to even an beginner.

2020 February 27 - 11:45
40 min
Robusta + Arabica
PGConf India, 2020
Database Engine Developers

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