Presented by:

Krishnaswamy Subramanian

Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

I am passionate about solving / crafting technical problems through code.

With 13+ years in custom software development, I have worked across technologies which includes full-stack, mobile and DevOps.

Nithya Natarajan

Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

I'm a passionate developer who likes challenges, especially the ones difficult to solve or not solved by many.

In my 7+ years with ThoughtWorks, I have got opportunities to work on various things like developing micro-services, re-architecture and re-designing systems, building infrastructure platform, data analysis and what not.

I find it exciting to learn and solve something new everyday at work.

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Kubernetes lets you deploy applications in ways that are highly available and resilient, and can utilize the underlying resources more efficiently. This can bring huge cost savings to the business, especially when you’re entrusted with running PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes, rather than over traditional VMs.

In this talk, we share our experiences of running and managing 100+ PostgreSQL instances across multiple use cases and environments, for a leading technology start-up business. We take you through some of the challenges we faced, and the various tools techniques we adopted to work around them. Join us if you’d like to understand how we addressed the following issues:

  1. How to handle the ephemeral nature of Kubernetes?
  2. How to resize disks with zero downtime?
  3. How to change disk type from standard to SSD with minimal downtime?
  4. How to upgrade PostgreSQL servers with minimal downtime?
  5. How to redirect the read-only queries to slaves?

and more...

40 min
PGConf India, 2020
Case Study