Presented by:


Priya Ranjan

from Rebataur

My name is Priya Ranjan, I studied Comp. Sc @ Pune Univ and have total 13+ years of Enterprise Software Architecture experience, but I'm still a beginner. I have deep interests in opensource software in particular PostgreSQL, due to the fact that it's system rather than just a database. I like to see how various extensions, data and SQL interplay, to bring in clever solutions to extremely complex problems using PostgreSQL. Lately I have been interested in another Opensource project called Kubernetes , primarily as a use case to hyperscale PostgresSQL in the cloud. I see both these technology leveraging each other to solve some the most difficult challenges that enterprise face today.

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Kubernetes has become the de-factor standard in Multi Cloud Container orchestration and HA environment. Postgresql has emerged as a leading choice of OpenSource database in all the Cloud Providers. Going forward "Postgresql HA using Kubernetes" should enable companies to scale Postgresql without being lockedin to any particular Cloud / Hardware provider. Kubernetes also offers a flexible pluggable system to write your own operators for Postgresql. This talk would make the audience understand What is Kubernetes and it's fundamental concepts, how Kubernetes enables Postgresql HA with small and simple getting started demo.

2019 February 15 - 12:00
45 min
Ballroom 4
PGConf India, 2019
Database Administration

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