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Luigi Nardi

from DBtune

Luigi Nardi is the founder and CEO of DBtune (, a leading company driving advancements in AI, database systems, and cloud computing. Previously an assistant professor of machine learning at Lund University and a research staff at Stanford University, Luigi's expertise centers around black-box optimization theory and practice. Luigi's journey includes a post-doctoral position at Imperial College London and a role as a software engineer at Murex S.A.S., following his Ph.D. program in applied mathematics at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris in 2011.

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Explore the intricate world of PostgreSQL parameter tuning, where the database management system reveals a myriad of configurable parameters shaping its runtime behavior. With the evolution of the system, numerous parameters came to light — Correctly configuring these parameters is pivotal for enhancing application performance and optimizing cloud resources. The complexity of the parameter interaction demands significant effort in tuning.

Delve into the existing approaches, from the manual tuning "dark art" involving meticulous analysis of metrics like query response times and resource utilization, to heuristic-based approaches such as PGTune or PostgreSQL Configurator offering generic solutions. However, a paradigm shift occurs with DBtune, a fully automated parameter tuning service. Tailored to both workload and machine resources, DBtune employs machine learning to customize optimizations based on specific customer needs. It observes performance indicators and trains models for selecting parameters that guarantee improved performance, streamlining and scaling the tuning process across numerous instances. Leveraging DBtune not only enhances database performance but also reduces cloud expenses and environmental impact.

Join this presentation for an in-depth exploration of the significance and business value of database parameter tuning. Survey existing options, including manual tuning and open-source tools, and catch a glimpse of the game-changing autotuning solution that promises a straightforward resolution to this long-standing challenge.

2024 February 29 - 15:30
40 min
Grand Victoria A
PGConf India, 2024
Application Developer

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