Presented by:


Nishchay Kothari

from Fujitsu

Technical consultant at Fujitsu

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Why Your Security Best Practices Don’t Work

Data breaches damage a company's reputation, destroy customer confidence, and can have major financial and legal implications. But you’re ahead of the game, and have adopted new PostgreSQL solution with built-in security offerings.

Naturally, your next step is to download the obligatory Security Best Practice document from your new vendors website, right? As soon as your infosec team executes a security scan, all the fire alarms to go off. What went wrong?

In this session, we will discuss how to implement best security practices for sensitive data using procedures such as;

• Transparent Data Encryption • Data Masking • Dedicated Audit Logging • GDPR, and general best practice of securing data.

I will not only explain the importance of a Security Best Practice document, but also explore Best Practice Security Settings and how to effectively use them to secure your PostgreSQL database - Because setting up parameters without understanding the basic concepts and impacts behind them is equivalent to not setting them at all.

2024 February 29 - 14:00
40 min
Grand Victoria A
PGConf India, 2024
Database Administration

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