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M N Manikantan

from Acresium

Manikantan is the global head of data and reliability engineering departments for Arcesium an advanced data, operations and analytics platform for world's most sophisticated asset managers and financial services organizations. He architects and develops solutions to power the entire investment life cycle. He has deep expertise in building cloud solutions, migrating on-premises infrastructure to cloud, software development and architecture. He has a very strong understanding of asset management industry and in depth expertise in back and middle office solutions. He is passionate about learning and sharing his learning with community


Srinivasarao Oguri

from Arcesium

Srinivasarao Oguri is a Database Engineer with 11+ years of working experience in PostgreSQL, Oracle and other database technologies. He is working with Arcesium as a Database Engineer and majorly focus on cost optimization, database performance. Srinivas worked with EDB/OpenText/TCS for 7 years.


Srikanth Medikonda

from Arcesium India Private Limited

Database Engineer with experience on PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server database engines; running workloads on both on-prem and Cloud Infrastructures. Keen interest in adopting open source technologies. Currently working as Database Reliability Engineering Lead at Arcesium.

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About us:

Arcesium is an advanced data, operations and analytics platform managing $675B+ assets for world's most sophisticated asset managers and financial services organizations and we are backed by D.E.Shaw group, Blackstone Alternative Asset management and J.P.Morgan.


PostgreSQL, the most advanced open source database, has become our go-to relational database for all new-gen applications and also target for migrations.

  1. We are here to share our experiences with PostgreSQL and how we evolved from running a couple of RDS PostgreSQL test instances to hundreds of Aurora PostgreSQL production instances at scale with TBs of data and billions of IOPS per day and why we are now migrating from Aurora PostgreSQL to community PostgreSQL (in EC2 instances).

  2. We will share how we managed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by constantly evaluating new features and how we built automation to significantly improve developer experience while saving hundreds of hours of time spent on operations.

  3. We will also walk you through our learnings running PostgreSQL in cloud (i.e incidents) and how we responded to them with the help of the community.

Last but not least, we want to keep you entertained throughout the session while sharing our insights

2023 February 23 - 11:30
45 min
Grand Victoria 2
PGConf India, 2023
Case Study

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