Presented by:


Goutam Tadi

from Pivotal

Goutam Tadi is a Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal Software working within the Research and Development Team for Data. As a long time big data enthusiast, Goutam is currently part of the GPCloud group which is architecting Greenplum to run on Kubernetes clusters.

Prior to this cloud native initiative, Goutam worked on packaging Greenplum to work on Ubuntu and helped to make the first open source binaries for Greenplum available to the world. Goutam also worked on the GemFire / Greenplum Connector which allows for easy data movement between GemFire (Apache Geode) and Greenplum.

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Installing, Expanding and Upgrading a distributed database as its data grows: what are the challenges? Greenplum on Kubernetes promises to manage these challenges by leveraging Kubernetes concepts.

This presentation will demonstrate how database users can install, manage, expand and monitor their Greenplum clusters on Kubernetes for various purposes, within exploration, staging and production environments.

This demonstration includes a discussion of data volumes and disaster recovery mechanisms, along with other features of Greenplum for Kubernetes like declarative deployments, metrics and integrations with a curated stack.

Greenplum for Kubernetes will provide an exciting user experience for administrators, database developers and data scientists to use Greenplum for their analytical tasks.

2019 February 14 - 14:00
45 min
Ballroom 1
PGConf India, 2019
Database Administration

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