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Premnath J

from CSG Systems

I am a PostgreSQL database administrator with 10+ years of experience and with fashion of interest in advanced security of Database systems. As a hobby i mostly work on researching various topics in internet.

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Data security is an emerging concern which is attracting a lot of attention. Database Security is a composed part in which it protects and secures the sensitive data or database management software from some unauthorized user or from malicious attacks. A secure database is the one which is reciprocated from different possible database attacks. Database Security need can be judged by the increase in the number of reported cases of loss of or exposure to sensitive data by some unauthorized sources(e.g. from hackers) and possibly also against users trying to obtain information beyond their privileges, for instance by some type of statistical inference.

In My paper as a database administrator i will be discussing about some of the attacks that can be possible with its counter measures and its control methods. I also will be presenting some of the common DBA security techniques for the data that can be implemented for securing and strengthening the PostgreSQL database. The basic problems are access control, exclusion of spurious data, authentication of users and reliability I also discuss about various attacks on database servers (linux hosts) and its possible solutions that a DBA can perform for secure data of PostgreSQL Database.

2019 February 15 - 14:00
45 min
Ballroom 4
PGConf India, 2019
Database Administration

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