March 2, 3 2017




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10 Professional Speakers

About PGConf India

This conference is part of our efforts to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate training and resources to further PostgreSQL adoption in India.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, as we expect talks ranging from internals discussions led by leading developers to end-user case-studies from small companies as well as large multinational corporations and government organizations, all who run their businesses on PostgreSQL.

Something for Everyone

Given this wide range of talks, the conference is suitable for many different audiences:

  • DBAs already using PostgreSQL, or considering doing so
  • Developers of any kind of application, from hobbyists to large web- and enterprise applications
  • Decision-makers interested in evaluating the world’s most advanced open source database as an alternative to traditional proprietary products
  • PostgreSQL contributors – code, documentation, support – whatever you help with!
  • Open source enthusiasts in general!
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PGConf India 2017, Schedule

Simon Riggs


Keynote by Simon Riggs

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PGConf India 2017, Speakers


Chief Technology Officer, 2ndQuadrant and PostgreSQL Major Developer/Committer

Simon Riggs is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of 2ndQuadrant.

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PGConf India Event FAQS

Yes, there is! Click: PostgreSQL India Youtube Channel
The details about the past meetups can be found on Indian PostgreSQL User Group Meetup Page
The registration details are being worked upon. The details along with the registration procedure will be posted on this website soon. Watch out for more!

PGConf India Location

Hotel Park Plaza


90-4, Outer Ring Rd,

Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

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Call for Papers

Call for papers is out. Please submit your proposals by 31st December, 2016.


General Guidelines to follow when submitting your paper


If you are doing something interesting with PostgreSQL, please submit a proposal. You might be one of the backend hackers or work on a PostgreSQL related project and want to share your know-how with others. You might be developing an interesting system using PostgreSQL as the foundation. Perhaps you migrated from another database to PostgreSQL and would like to share details. These, and other stories are welcome. Both users and developers are encouraged to share their experiences.


Here are a few ideas to jump start your proposal process:


  • novel ways in which PostgreSQL is used
  • migration of production systems from another database
  • data warehousing
  • tuning PostgreSQL for different work loads
  • replication and clustering
  • hacking the PostgreSQL code
  • PostgreSQL derivatives and forks
  • applications built around PostgreSQL
  • benchmarking and performance engineering
  • case studies
  • location-aware and mapping software with PostGIS
  • PostgreSQL features in development
  • research and teaching with PostgreSQL
  • things the PostgreSQL project could do better
  • integrating PostgreSQL with 3rd-party software
  • Both users and developers are encouraged to share their experiences.


Please send in your proposals by email to Last date is 31st December, 2016.